Upcoming Events & Workshops


Full Moon Circle & Sound Bath

When: 7.30pm – Thursday 12th December

Where: Island Healing – Newhaven

Releasing Ritual – Meditation – Sound Bath- Shamanic Breathwork 

The Full Moon represents the most powerful point in the lunar cycle. It is the perfect time to look within, to move with the flow of our internal waters, release and let go of what no longer serves us in order to move forward. 

Join us at ISLAND HEALING for a 2 hour workshop of self-care and connection…. open to all….


– Clear out old energy through meditation & Shamanic breathwork 

–  Enjoy a sound bath that will allow you to tune-in to yourself more deeply in order to live creatively and freely. Sound bath affects us on a deep cellular level, helping to bring us ‘in tune’ with our highest vibration and let go of any dissonance, feeling,  past hurt or blockage that is restricting our flow of abundance and joy in our life 

– Make use of the Full Moon energy to release and let go of feelings, emotions, situations & patterns that no longer serve us, in a safe, supportive space.

– The releasing circle will provide everyone with an opportunity for personal time to reflect and to write down what we want to let go of.

This workshop is completely beginner friendly and open to anyone seeking  space, clarity & a deeper connection to their inner guidance.

Sound Meditation

When: every Thursday from 9.30 – 10.15am

Where: Island Healing – Newhaven

I am honoured to be offering MORNING SOUND MEDITATIONS every Thursday morning at Island Healing.

Meditation, particularly when supported by sounds that help shift you into ASC (an altered state of consciousness), is one of the most powerful and incredible ways to find peace, healing, and purpose in your life! Through this practice of stilling the mind we can let go of all those circular thoughts and unhelpful patterns to find a new way forward.

Whether you’re young or old, a mum, a workman, a grandparent, or a teenager, Sound Meditation is a beautiful way to start the day with self care, honouring and making space for all the good stuff just waiting to find you!

This class can be done sitting up or lying down. Every week the meditation will be different but it will always be supported by the power and beauty of sound.

Contact me on 0408313545 for more information and to book, or just come along to Island Healing at 6 Forrest Ave, Newhaven.

Classes commence on Thursday December 5th.


Past Events & Workshops


Soulful Women’s Soirée

When: 3pm – Sunday October 27, 2019
Where: Meeniyan

“Soirée [swa-rei] (noun) – an evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, for conversation or music”.

Imagine an entire afternoon of lazing around a beautiful property, sipping warm cups of tea, eating delicious food, surrounded by lightminded women and discussing glorious soulful subjects which are all about you.

Set on a quiet farm in Meeniyan this special event has been especially created for the women of this region to take some time out to nourish and nurture every cell of your mind, body and soul so that you leave you feeling happier and lighter than when you first arrived.

This event will entail an “Honouring You” workshop, ‘Aromatic Anchoring’ workshop and ‘Sound Healing’ Session.

As well as organic teas, raw treats and so much more.

Moving into Light & Sound

When: 4pm – Saturday November 30, 2019
Where: Wonthaggi

Join myself and Annebelle van Tongeren, from the Yoga Stylist, for a special session in slow, meditative yoga, supported by ancient mantra and the sound bathing of beautiful, healing singing bowls and soothing chimes.

Linking breath, body, intention and vibration as we move towards the last weeks of 2019 with gratitude and focus, towards the light of a new decade and endless possibilities.

Don’t miss this! It is going to be something very transformative.