Phillip Island Massage


Not your ordinary Phillip Island Massage! Working with various techniques, I weave together a one-of-a-kind treatment that has been described as a soulful and loving. I tailor your treatment to your needs, and create a safe space so that you can relax and surrender to the experience.


“I was welcomed lovingly and felt comfortable right away…It was a soulful experience and one I would highly recommend” – Sarah


Ka Huna

Ka Huna body work is not just a massage…it’s an experience!

One of the most beautiful forms of the Hawaiian healing arts, unlike many massage treatments, Ka Huna body work is not purely physical.

‘A soul to soul dance’

Your body will be moved around the table in a lightly energetic, yet deeply relaxing and flowing way. I will use my hands, forearms, and elbows with long flowing strokes both over and under your body. You are covered in organic oil from head to toe, while alternating soft and deep tissue pressure is applied using my body weight and loving hands.

Ka Huna body work has been described as a ‘soul to soul dance’ to beautiful music where you can surrender and allow the journey to unfold.

Lomi Lomi